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About the Calendar

Now in its 21st year!  Expert Communications will once again produce a Calendar (2025) that has become extremely popular with the Canadian Potato Industry. The Calendar will be printed and distributed in early December of this year. This is a high quality calendar that will depict scenes from the industry from the different suppliers to potato production. The calendar will also give dates for seeding and harvest deadlines provincially, potato industry events by Province, Nationally, as well as a listing of International events of interest to the Canadian Potato industry.

The calendar will be direct mailed to over 3,000 select individuals involved in potato production through the provincial potato associations and there will be extra distribution at industry events.

This is an excellent opportunity for companies working with the Potato industry to get involved in a unique way of promoting their products and services. This opportunity will be exclusive to only 12 industry suppliers.

Technical Detail

The shape of the Calendar is 17” deep by 11” wide. The top half is the advertising portion at 8 1/2” deep by 11” wide (trim size). To allow for a full bleed, the artwork provided should be 8 3/4” deep x 11 1/4” wide. The calendar will be printed on 100 lb. stock, full colour.

Deadlines and Cost

The deadline for ad space is undetermined as there are only twelve spots available. As soon as all the months are sold, it is closed. The deadline for artwork is October 30.

We accept many file formats: InDesign is preferred,  along with PDF, TIFF and EPS files. All graphics must be high resolution for optimum print quality. The cost is $2500.00 per month

Please get in touch with Gladwyn Nickel at Expert Communications:
Tel: 877-878-4077